New way to identify deceased classmates..... Search by Country, School, or Year of Graduation.....Leave a tribute, such as a flower, next to a dear friend's name... global site for all high schools of the world...Online since 2014...All departed treated with respect and honor

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About US

As aging Americans, we often wonder if any of our former high school have passed away.  Or not just high school, but graduates of any type of school.  Usually we find out only through attending class reunions or luckily spotting a death via the local newspaper obituary section.

There had to be a better way to gain more comprehensive information about the status of a graduating class.  There is also the need to inform others of a classmate's passing should one become aware of it. 

Through these personal needs, the idea for came about.

The goal is to establish an online database of deceased graduates, whereby any one can search or add to the list of a particular school and graduation class year.  

Visitors can also purchase gift tributes that will be placed next to the listed deceased name.

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