New way to identify deceased classmates..... Search by Country, School, or Year of Graduation.....Leave a tribute, such as a flower, next to a dear friend's name... global site for all high schools of the world...Online since 2014...All departed treated with respect and honor

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Term of Use

All are invited to visit and use the web site.  However, to add information, such as a newly deceased to a school list or to setup a school and class page, one must register, then log in and use a password.  There is no fee to register or add information or submit photos to the web site. is not responsible for any content so uploaded to the web site.  We do not edit text.  We believe people should have freedom of expression.  It is our hope that all will respect the dead and write only respectful and honorable words about the deceased.  However, if it comes to our attention ,via Help & Support, that derogatory, slanderous, or extreme vulgarity has been used against the deceased, we reserve the right to delete any material submitted to the web site.  No notification of deletions can be expected.

Any tribute gifts purchased via Tribute Shop is nonrefundable.  Tributes will be placed by program or staffing and will remain on name line indefinitely. take no responsiblity in verifying the accuracy of content uploaded by users. We cannot confirm the accuracy of information uploaded to our site. Our only responsibility is to review any complaints of abusive or fraudulent entries submitted to Help & Support.

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