New way to identify deceased classmates..... Search by Country, School, or Year of Graduation.....Leave a tribute, such as a flower, next to a dear friend's name... global site for all high schools of the world...Online since 2014...All departed treated with respect and honor

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Have you ever wondered if any in your graduating class have passed away, over the years since graduation? Know of one or more and wonder if the rest of the class is aware of his,her, or their passing? Such lack of communication is now solved through the creation of

Use "Search Classmates" to review any listed name(s) of the deceased. If you find no web page of your school and year of graduation (any level of education from elementary school to college or technical school can be listed), please use our class page setup tool. It's free. Your name can be placed at the top (optional or left anonymous) of the created class page. Other members of the class can then add to the list.

All schools from around the world are welcome to be included at our web site. uniquely permits visitors to place visual tributes next to the listed name, such as a bouquet of flowers, by using the Tribute Shop. Payment is only with PayPal.

It is our sincere hope that assists the world of graduates to stay in touch with classmates and to provide a needed information source whereby surviving members of a graduated class can review a roll of the dearly departed. The opportunity to place a tribute, eulogy, or comment about the deceased is also available.

For those living graduates who desire to be preregistered (due to serious illness or for folks who like to take care of their own affairs beforehand or not add another burdensome task to their surviving spouse, kin or friend), preregister as an Enrolled Classmate HERE. It's FREE!

Note that after life ends, your designated "Nominee" only needs to inform our staff of the passing by using the email below (Contact Us). We will then place your name into the class page, setup by you previously.

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